WCF2014 cares about the environment

10/23/2014 9:30:47 AM -

To arrange a World Championship requires many different kinds of resources. That is why we have decided to accept our responsibility and be as environmentally conscious as possible during the World Floorball Championships 2014. 

This means that we will actively try to reduce the impact on the environment as much as possible.

We will, therefore, among other things:

  • Plan our trips carefully, facilitate trips by public transportation and carbon offset the trips we do take.
  • Opt for organic and local food and offer vegetarian options.
  • Sort all waste as well as rent and reuse as much material as possible.
  • The energy used during the World Championship will be renewable energy, coming from wind power. 

– By trying to make this event as eco-conscious as possible we have taken a holistic approach to its impact on the environment and created an opportunity to contribute to a greater social sustainability in Gothenburg, says Sofie Engel, environmental manager for the World Championship, and continues:

– We would like to highlight an important issue to a large number of people from different parts of the world and maybe even manage to influence the audience, participants and partners to, in their own way, contribute to a more sustainable world.   

To create a sustainable event on all fronts, social issues have also played an important part during the making of this Championship ­– everyone is welcome and will have an opportunity to come and see the World Championship. The Fun Zone, located at Svenska Mässan (the Swedish Exhibition Centre), will be central to this. There will be activities there from December 11th to 14th and they will be free for everyone.

– In addition, we have worked hard to involve the local community by involving local clubs and youths. We have also actively tried to create a high level of gender equality and an age range among the event officials, says Sofie Engel. 


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