Finland to final after even match against Czech Republic

12/13/2014 4:04:10 PM -

Finland is through to the final. They won against Czech Republic with 3-6 (2-3, 1-1, 0-2) in a very good match with 8 800 people in the stands at Scandinavium.

The match had an action-packed start where the Czech Republic team was slightly better. The teams had an equal amount of chances but Tomas Sladky deservedly scored 1-0 for Czech Republic after half of the period. Mika Moilanen evened the score for Finland almost immediately before Jan Natov again took the lead for Czech Republic. Finland, who then evened the score in power play, took the lead as well before the second period. Miko Kailiala scored 2-3 after a nice Finnish one-touch-play.

Finland took more control of the game in the second period, but the match continued to be even and Czech Republic evened out the score. Martin Tokos got hold of the ball on Finnish half of the court and assisted Tomas Sladky, who scored for the second time. However, history repeated itself in the second period. With only a couple of minutes left Miko Kailiala scored 3-4 after a nice performance.

Czech Republic wanted to even the score and kept up with the Finnish, who had possession of the ball most of the time. An unneccessary penalty would however cost the Czechs the victory. In the following power play Miko Kohonen scored 3-5 when he shot the ball from the goal line since Tomas Kafka was not able to hold it. After that Kohonen could afford to miss a penalty shot. Finland scored 3-6 in an empty goal, and won a well-played floorball match. 

Full match statistics here.

Photo: Rasmus Tynander.


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