Slovakia won the group final against USA

12/9/2014 1:26:29 PM -

The match between USA and Slovakia in group C was even. An amazing second period by the Slovaks was enough to come out on top, both in the match and the group, when they won by 2-4 (1-0, 0-4, 1-0) against USA.

The first period was a fast and even fight between the two teams. The game went back and forth and none of the teams created any real chances, although Slovakia came a little bit closer to the goal. But then it happened, USA scored through Karl Förare, who reclaimed the ball after a save by the Slovak goalkeeper, Adam Kalcok, and scored 1-0 through a low ball by the far goalpost. 

Slovakia’s strategy was to push in the second period. That gave results as well. Lukas Rezanina evened the score through a long shot and Martin Kubovic’s nice goal, only a few seconds later, gave Slovakia the lead. USA was given the opportunity to get back in the game when they played one man up in the middle of the second period, but Kalcok made some really great saves.

Things got even tougher for USA when Patrik Pelegrin scored 1-3 right after Slovakia was back to full strength and when the Americans made an own goal just seconds later, the third period was bound to be an uphill battle for USA.  

However, USA did push in the third period and also evened out the score to 2-4 in power play. But the Slovak goalkeeper was on fire and saved all the rest of the shots the Americans took.

Slovakia won group C and will, therefore, play against Estonia in the play-offs. USA’s opponent will either be Switzerland or Norway. 

Full match statistics here.

Photo: Rasmus Tynander.


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