Several Drug Tests During WFC

12/13/2014 2:11:16 PM -

To perform and win. That is often the most important thing for athletes. But there is a dark side – which makes drug tests necessary. 

During the week of WFC2014, several random drug tests have been issued after matches. 

– They are always taken afterwards and the players never know when they will be tested, explains Deisa Karlsdottir-Holl, a nurse and experienced drugtester since 1992.

During this tournament the International Floorball Federation has chosen matches where two players, one from each team, are chosen by chance. The test is based on a provided urine sample.    

Do the athletes ever get angry when they are tested?
– It happens, but very rarely. When it happens it is often because they have just lost or because they have to hurry to their bus. But I can probably count these times on one hand in my entire career, says Karlsdottir-Holl.

But what classifies as drug-taking?
– It depends on the sport. For example, alcohol is classified as a drug in archery and pistol shooting, but not in floorball. Perhaps it would if you are drunk and violate the ethics of sports. But the athletes are always responsible to know what is permitted and not, says Karlsdottir-Holl.

The Internation Floorball Federation works actively to prevent doping in the world of floorball. During the Championship, players have attended a class where they are tested on their knowledge of doping. They are also running a campaign, ”say no to doping”.

Anna Andersson

Photo: Tommy Holm


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