Russia won against Korea after a goal-packed match

12/10/2014 9:28:50 PM -

Korea could not oppose the Russan team who, especially in the second period, scored at almost every chance they got. The match ended with 3-15 (1-4, 2-7, 0-4), a great victory for Russia.

The Zorro specialist, Alexander Taldonov, scored the first goal for Russa with his second zorro-goal in the tournament and Sergej Iuryev scored 0-2 when the first half of the period was over. GiHyun Park in the Korean team reduced the score when he got a hold of the ball on the russian half of the court and easily scored 1-2. Russia, who were a lot more efficient than their opponents, had time to score both 1-3 and 1-4 before the period was over.

In the second period Russia continued to show effeciency and scored no less than seven goals. Among other things, Taldonov was able to do another zorro-goal. Korea also played well and scored two goals in the middle period, which offered no less than nine goals.

The match was already settled before the last period and Russia continued to control most of the game. The last period offered four goals, where, among others, team captain Sergi Iuryev completed a hat-trick when he easily scored a penalty shot. The end result was 3-15 which means that Russia will meet Australia in a match for 13th and 14th place. Korea will meet Japan in the fight for 15th and 16th place. 

Full match statistics here.

Photo: Tommy Holl.


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