Mucha twins led Germany to victory

12/12/2014 3:47:16 PM -

Germany, who many probably thought would reach the quarter finals, played against Slovakia for 9th place in WFC2014. It was an even match where the Mucha brothers made all the difference. Germany won with 7-5 (4-1, 1-3, 2-1).

In the first period Germany immediately controlled the game. The Mucha twins assisted each other to one goal each and Janos Bröker scored the third goal for Germany. Jan Kominek evened out the score in power play for Slovakia, but Tino von Pritzbuer scored 4-1 when a Slovakian back lost control of the ball in front of Slovakia's goal.

However, Germany would lose control of the match during the second period. Slovakia, which was equally good as Germany in the first period as well, was rewarded for their hard work and won the second period with 1-3. With that, there was only a one goal difference between the two teams before the third period.

Slovakia still wanted to even the score and after five minutes of the third period Patrik Pelegrin scored 5-5. Germany took time out so they could regain control of the game, which payed off. The Mucha twins showed the way once again when Manuel made a free pass to Dominic, who scored 6-5. Together they brought the game to an end by scoring 7-5. This time it was Manuel who got to score and Dominic assisted. This means that Germany ends up in 9th place and Slovakia in 10th place.  

Full match statistics here.

Photo: Rasmus Tynander.


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